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If you're a writer, you know that outlining your stories is a smart move. It helps you organize your thoughts, plot points, and character arcs.

However, outlining can be time-consuming, taking away valuable writing time. That's where our story outline generator comes in. Get a detailed outline for your story, complete with plot points and even character arcs. This tool is perfect for writers who want to get to the writing part faster.

So why waste time outlining when you can use our generator and get to the fun part? Give it a try and see how it can transform your writing process.

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About the Story Outline Tool

Writing a story outline can be difficult. It requires organizing your thoughts and ideas into a coherent structure.
This tool can generate an outline to break the story into smaller parts.
Small sections are easier to write and manage. It is the same logic I use for writing code and works well with stories.
In my experience, it is usually worth the effort. A well-crafted outline can save you time and frustration in the writing process. It can also serve as a roadmap to keep you on track and your story focused.
Don’t be afraid to take the time to create an outline – it will pay off in the end.

Story Outline Example

Here is an example of what our tool can do!
boy meets girl story outline

We typed:Girls meets boy

Here is what our tool generated:
Here's a story outline about a girl who meets a boy:
Act 1:
  • Introduce the main character, a young woman who is successful but feels unfulfilled in her personal life.
  • While out with friends one evening, she meets a charming and attractive man who catches her eye.
  • They strike up a conversation and exchange numbers before parting ways.
Act 2:
  • The main character and the man begin texting and getting to know each other better.
  • They go on a few dates and quickly realize they have a strong connection.
  • However, the main character is hesitant to fully commit to a relationship due to her past experiences with heartbreak.
Act 3:
  • The man reveals that he is moving away for work, leaving the main character with a difficult decision to make.
  • She decides to take a chance on love and agrees to a long-distance relationship.
  • Over time, they grow even closer and eventually make plans for the man to move back to the city to be with her.
Act 4:
  • The couple faces challenges along the way, but they work through them together and come out stronger on the other side.
  • They eventually get engaged and plan to spend the rest of their lives together.
  • The main character learns that taking risks and opening herself up to love can lead to great rewards.
  • She realizes that the man she met was exactly what she was looking for and that their chance encounter changed her life forever.

Story Outline Questions

What is a story outline?

A roadmap for a story that outlines the major plot points, character arcs, and major themes.

Why should I use a story outline?

It can help you organize your thoughts and ideas, and stay focused on the main plot. It helps to ensure that your story has a clear and cohesive structure.

What should I inlucde in a story outline?

A story outline should include the main plot points, character arcs, and major themes. It can also include details such as setting, tone, and style. This tool will do the work for you.

Can I change my story outline as I write?

Yes, a story outline is not set in stone. You can adjust it as you go. In fact, many writers find that their story evolves as they write.

Do I need to follow my story outline exactly?

No, the purpose of a story outline is to provide a guide for your writing, but it is not a strict rulebook. You may find that as you write, your story takes on a life of its own and deviates from the original outline.

How detailed should my story outline be?

The level of detail in a story outline can vary depending on the writer's preference. Some writers prefer a detailed outline that includes specific scenes and dialogue. Others prefer a more general outline that outlines the major plot points.

Can I use a story outline for any type of writing?

Yes, a story outline can be for any type of writing. Use it for novels, short stories, screenplays, and even non-fiction.

Is a story outline necessary for every writer?

No, not every writer uses a story outline. Some writers prefer to write "by the seat of their pants" and allow the story to unfold organically as they write.

Outlining a story saves time in the writing process by providing a roadmap

Outline Options


The protagonist searches for answers in the dark alley, but they can feel something sinister lurking in the shadows.


Despite all the obstacles, the protagonist finds hope and courage to keep going on their journey.


The protagonist reflects on how much has been lost as they traverse a desolate landscape.


Against all odds, the protagonist finds strength within themselves to reach their goals despite adversity.


With a few witty remarks from the side characters, light-hearted moments bring comic relief to an otherwise severe plot line.


As time passes and danger closes in, every moment counts as the stakes increase for our hero’s success or failure.


ender moments between two lovers remind us of what drives them forward through each day’s struggles and adventures together.


A sense of loss hangs heavy in the air as our hero mourns those who have been left behind or sacrificed everything for this quest.


Heart-pounding action sequences leave us breathless with anticipation as we cheer on our heroes’ daring feats!


Helps organize thoughts

Outlining a story can help writers organize their ideas. This can lead to a more cohesive and well-structured story.

Saves time

By outlining a story, writers can save time in the long run.

Improves pacing

Outlining a story can help writers ensure that their story is paced correctly. Map out the important events in the story. Then you can better understand the pacing and ensure that the story moves at the right speed.

Reduces writer's block

Outlining a story can help writers overcome writer's block. By breaking down the story into manageable chunks, writers can focus on one section at a time.

Increases motivation

By seeing the story take shape you can feel a sense of progress to help keep you motivated.

Provides a roadmap

By knowing where the story is headed, you can stay focused and avoid getting sidetracked.

Improves story coherence

Ensure all the elements of the story fit together seamlessly.

outlining an action story helps to maintain focus and direction throughout the writing process
Outlining enhances the overall quality and coherence of the final product.


  • Organizing Story Ideas
  • Developing Narrative Structures
  • Creating Characters
  • Developing Plot Points
  • Planning Overall Story Flow

Sample Input

Here are some suggestions you can try in the tool.

  • A young woman discovers her family's dark secrets after inheriting an old mansion.
  • A group of survivors navigate a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies.
  • A detective must solve a series of murders that seem to be linked to a popular dating app.
  • A group of teens must band together to survive a deadly game of truth or dare.
  • A lonely astronaut on a mission to Mars begins to question his sanity as he starts experiencing strange phenomena.
  • A woman wakes up with no memory of her past, only to discover she's living in a simulation.
  • A family road trip takes a dark turn when they stumble upon a haunted motel.
  • An ordinary high school student discovers he has superpowers and must learn to control them before a villainous organization finds him.
  • A group of strangers are forced to work together to survive a plane crash on a deserted island.
  • A young couple moves into a new home, only to discover it's haunted by the ghost of a previous owner.
Providing a roadmap helps the writer to identify and address any plot holes or inconsistencies

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