Refund Policy

Thank you for using ProWriting Tools.

Because this website is a service that generates content that can not be returned, refunds are rarely granted.

You have total control over your subscription in your PayPal account. It is your responsibility to keep or cancel your subscription as you see fit.

I can not grant refunds due to customers forgetting to cancel. I once did this and found text was used after refunds were issued.

Please do not claim I charged you after the subscription has been canceled. If you cancel this in your PayPal account, I have no way to reactivate the subscription, and PayPal keeps very good records.

When you cancel your recurring subscription, your account will still have access until the time period for which you signed up expires. There are no partial refunds for canceling early.

You work hard at your site, and business to make money online and I do the same, and I ask you please to respect that.

If you have any technical or log-in issues, please let me know right away and I will be glad to help you.

Thank you


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