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Every good story has its ups and downs, but the falling action brings a satisfying resolution to the plot.

Developing creative ideas for this part of your story can be challenging, so our Falling Action Generator is here to help! The problem has been solved, but the impact of the resolution is still being felt.

The falling action of this story shows how the characters adjust to their new reality and how they reconcile with the events that occurred. Through a combination of reflection and determination, our characters will find a way to move forward despite the difficult situation they are faced with.

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About the Falling Action Generator

Falling actions are a part of almost every good story. You can be forgiven if you aren’t familiar with them. They are always there but often overlooked because of their proximity to the story’s climax. They are the wind-down of the story after the main story has happened, but they are just as essential.

This generator will provide you with ideas and examples for the closure of your story. I suggest adding the protagonist’s name and the main action points as part of your input. Check out this post if you want to dive deep into writing falling actions in your stories.

A wizard restores the timeline after the plot has been resolved. This is an example of a falling action.

Writing Modes


Have the protagonist take a moment to review their experiences and consider what has happened and what could have been done differently.


Give the protagonist closure by having them come to terms with the events of the story and resolve any lingering issues or questions.


Allow the protagonist to confront those responsible for causing difficulties, as well as themselves, in order to move on from their experience and learn lessons from it.


Provide an opportunity for redemption or forgiveness that may help mend relationships between characters or give hope for a brighter future despite past mistakes.


Make amends in some way through reparations or apologies, allowing characters to make up for wrongs they have committed and create an atmosphere of healing and understanding between them.


Resolves the story

Falling actions help create a sense of resolution as the action winds down and events slowly lead toward the story's conclusion.

Offers the reader a chance to reflect

They can allow characters to reflect on what has happened and how their choices have affected them and those around them.

Ties up any loose ends

Using a section to tie up the story makes it easier for readers to understand a character’s motivations and decisions by allowing them time to process what has occurred before moving on with the plotline.

a princess meets with her fairy godmother at the end of the story
A couple skates away into the New York sunset at the conclusion of their day.


  • Creating believable endings for novels
  • Building suspenseful plotlines
  • Improving storytelling skills

Sample Input

Here are some suggestions you can try in the tool.

  • After a long, arduous journey to save the princess, the hero defeats the dragon and rescues her.
  • The detective solves the mystery of who committed the crime, bringing justice to all involved.
  • An unlikely partnership between two competing companies results in a revolutionary new product that changes their industry forever.
  • A family reunites after years of being apart, celebrating with joy and tears of happiness.
  • A student overcomes all odds and graduates from college with honors despite facing numerous obstacles during their academic career.
  • After months of searching for the lost treasure, Jack and his team finally found it.
  • The hero stands up to the antagonist and defeats them in a battle.
  • The protagonist can outwit their enemies and escape from captivity.
  • Two lovers reunite after being separated for years.
  • A desperate character makes a selfless sacrifice to save another person's life.
A couple in love finally reunites in the story's falling action.
A prince and princess go on to live happily ever after.

Falling Action Example

Here is an example of what our tool can do!

We typed: Jane had just graduated college and was feeling incredibly proud of all she had accomplished.

Here is what our tool generated:

Following her graduation ceremony, Jane reflected on the past four years and all the hard work, dedication, and perseverance it took to get her diploma. As she looked forward to her future, Jane felt excited and hopeful about what would come. She knew that the knowledge and skills she gained in college would provide her with a strong foundation for personal and professional success.

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