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Do you ever struggle to come up with creative and unique character sketches for your writing projects? Whether it's a novel, screenplay, or short story, the task of creating distinct characters can be daunting.

Fortunately, there is a solution: a Character Sketch Generator! With this tool, you will quickly be able to generate interesting characters that fit perfectly into your story.

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A husband and wife are deciding on characters for their next book.

Writing Modes

Physical appearance

Describing the protagonist's unique features, hairstyle and clothing

Personality traits

Exploring the protagonist's strengths and weaknesses, emotions and values.


Understanding what drives the protagonist to act in certain ways.


Examining how the protagonist interacts with family members, friends, colleagues or enemies


A more complex description.


Eliminate writer's block

Allows users to quickly and easily generate new ideas for characters in their stories

Create believable characters

Provides detailed information about each character, making them easier to visualize and realistic.

Save time

Generates a full sketch of a character with just a few clicks, saving writers time from manually creating them.

an interesting mysterious woman, created by the character generator
a little girl reads fairytale stories to her friend the fox.


  • Creating believable characters
  • Developing story ideas
  • Exploring different character backgrounds
  • Analyzing existing characters in literature and media

Sample Input

Here are some suggestions you can try in the tool.

  • Sarah, Caucasian, Female, Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, Lawyer
  • Henry, Asian-American, Male, Black Hair, Brown Eyes, Doctor
  • Isabella, African American, Female, Curly Hair, Hazel Eyes, Reopoter
  • Carlos ,Latino ,Male ,Bald Head ,Brown Eyes, Businessman
  • Emily ,Caucasian ,Female ,Red hair ,Green Eyes, Shop Assistant
A character has leaped from the book to help these writers.
A young woman named Jenny reads her book and dreams of adventure.

Character Description Example

Here is an example of what our tool can do!

We typed:Jenny, Bookish, Shy, wants adventure

Here is what our tool generated:

Jenny is a young woman in her early twenties with straight brown hair that falls just below her shoulders. Her eyes are a deep brown, and she wears thick-rimmed glasses that give her a studious look. She is of average height and build, with a tendency to hunch her shoulders and avoid eye contact when she feels nervous or uncertain.

Emotionally, Jenny is a complex character. She is introverted and shy, often preferring books and quiet time to socializing with others. However, beneath her reserved exterior, she is full of curiosity and a desire for adventure. She longs to explore new places and try new things, but is held back by her fear of the unknown and her tendency to overthink things.

Jenny's relationships are limited but meaningful. She has a close bond with her mother, who shares her love of books and often recommends new titles for her to read. She also has a small circle of friends who appreciate her quiet, thoughtful nature and sense of humor. However, she struggles to connect with others on a deeper level, often feeling like an outsider in social situations.

Jenny's motivations are rooted in her love of books and her desire to experience the world outside of her comfort zone. She yearns to explore new places and meet new people, but is often held back by her own insecurities. She is a dreamer at heart, but struggles to take action and make her dreams a reality. However, deep down, she knows that she is capable of great things if she can find the courage to take the first step.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Character Sketch Generator?

A character sketch generator is a tool that helps users create characters for stories, books, movies, or any other type of creative writing. It allows users to quickly generate ideas and concepts for their characters by providing relevant prompts and questions.

What kind of prompts does a Character Sketch Generator provide?

A character sketch generator typically provides prompts related to the character's physical traits such as age, gender, ethnicity, height, and weight; personality traits such as likes and dislikes; background information such as hometown or family situation; and goals or motivations.

How do I use a Character Sketch Generator to create my own characters?

To use a character sketch generator you simply enter a few details, such as name, age, and job, and press the button. You'll get the text in seconds!

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