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Do you ever feel like you have an excellent idea for a story but just can't seem to bring it to life?

If so, then the Artificial Intelligence Story Generator is here to help! This powerful tool uses AI technology to generate stories from scratch based on your own creative input.

This story maker can take your ideas and turn them into captivating tales that capture the imagination of readers everywhere. No more struggling with writer's block or searching for inspiration - now all you need is an idea, and this tool will do the rest!

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About the AI Story Generator

We all love a good story. We also like to make up our tales based on what we love reading. I know I always have since I started reading as a young child, and I imagine you are much the same.

While I love writing from scratch, seeing how the generator can expand on my thoughts and ideas is amazing and inspirational. Rather than take over my creativity, I find this an exceptional tool to expand my creative streak and go in directions I never before considered.

a flat illustration of a young girl dreaming of what she will write.

Writing Modes

Science Fiction

Stories that explore futuristic or imaginary concepts in science and technology, often set in space or on other planets


Stories that involve magic, supernatural creatures, or alternate worlds that do not exist in reality.


Stories that are designed to scare or unsettle the reader, often involving supernatural or paranormal elements.


Stories that involve a puzzle or crime to be solved, often with a detective or amateur sleuth as the protagonist.


Stories that focus on a romantic relationship between two people, often with a happy ending

Historical Fiction

Stories that are set in a specific historical time period and often involve real historical figures and events.

Literary Fiction

Stories that are more character-driven and focused on the artistic use of language and writing style, often exploring deeper themes and emotions.


Stories that involve exciting or dangerous journeys or quests, often set in exotic or remote locations.


Stories that are meant to be funny and entertaining, often through the use of satire or parody.


Stories that are designed to keep the reader on the edge of their seat, often involving high stakes and danger.


More creative stories

Allows writers to generate more unique and creative stories through the use of AI-based algorithms

Saves time

Writers can quickly produce content without having to spend hours writing from scratch


Generate new ideas and plots for creative writing projects

A young writer burning the midnight oil writing his story
An author stares out the window for inspiration for his book


  • Creating short stories
  • Generating plot outlines
  • Developing characters
  • Building world settings
  • Exploring narrative arcs

Sample Input

Here are some suggestions you can try in the tool.

  • A young woman is racing against time to find a cure for the rare disease that killed her parents.
  • An alien crash lands on Earth and discovers a world of wonders he never imagined possible.
  • A group of friends are haunted by an evil spirit they accidentally released while playing in an abandoned house.
  • After being stranded in space, an astronaut must find a way to return home before running out of oxygen and food supplies.
  • Two strangers meet on a train ride and discover they have more in common than they thought possible.
A flat illustration of a writing sitting near the river and a castle, taking pen to paper
An illustration of a nurse and solider during world war two to go with the final output from the story generator.

output example

Here is an example of what our tool can do!

We typed: Girl meets boy in WW2 London.

Here is what our tool generated:

Once upon a time, in the midst of the chaos and destruction of World War II, a young woman named Lily found herself in London. She had come to the city to do her part in the war effort, working as a nurse in a hospital. Lily was a kind and caring woman, always putting others before herself. One day, while walking through the city on her way to work, Lily met a young man named James. He was a soldier, recently returned from the front lines. James was handsome and charming, with a smile that could light up the darkest of days. Lily was immediately taken with him. As they spent more time together, Lily and James fell deeply in love. They would steal moments of happiness whenever they could, dancing in the moonlight and sharing stolen kisses. But their happiness was short-lived, as James was called back to the front lines. Lily was heartbroken, but she knew that James had to do what was right for his country. As the war raged on, Lily continued to work tirelessly at the hospital, always thinking of James and praying for his safe return. One day, to her great surprise and joy, James returned to London. He had been injured in battle, but he was alive and well. Lily rushed to his side, tears streaming down her face. They embraced, and in that moment, all of the pain and suffering of the war melted away. In the end, Lily and James were married, surrounded by the love and support of their friends and family. They lived a long and happy life together, always grateful for the love they had found in the midst of such darkness and despair. The end.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an AI story generator?

A tool used to create stories from scratch. It typically includes prompts and other tools that help users craft unique stories with engaging plots and characters.

Are there any specific types of stories that are generated?

You can generate all kinds of stories, including fantasy, horror, romance, adventure, mystery, sci-fi, and more. The type of story generated depends on the setting you chose.

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