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Welcome to the Book Idea Generator app! Do you love reading and want to come up with your own unique story ideas? Look no further - this app is here to help spark your creativity and imagination!


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Examples of Book Ideas

We typed:The Old West

Here is what our tool generated:
  1. The Gunslinger's Redemption

    A former outlaw seeks to right his past wrongs and find redemption in the lawless wild west.

  2. Frontier Justice

    A sheriff must navigate the treacherous political landscape of a small western town in order to bring a notorious outlaw to justice.

  3. Outlaws and Outcasts

    A group of misfits band together to survive in the unforgiving landscape of the old west, forming unlikely friendships and facing dangerous challenges.

  4. The Legend of Deadwood Gulch

    Rumors of hidden treasure in a remote western town lead to a race against time as various factions vie for control of the fortune.

  5. Blood on the Plains

    A young gunslinger must confront his own dark past and inner demons as he embarks on a journey of revenge and redemption in the lawless frontier.

Writing Modes for the Book Idea Generator

Writing Modes

All Genres

The generator will consider all possibilities.


Focuses on romantic relationships between characters, often with a happy ending.


A genre of fiction that typically involves magical or other supernatural elements and usually takes place in imaginary worlds.


A genre of fiction involving imaginative concepts such as advanced science and technology, space exploration, time travel, parallel universes, etc.

Historical Fiction

A genre of fiction set in a past era that often includes real historical figures and events as part of the story's plot.


A genre of literature focused on fast-paced plots with plenty of suspenseful action and danger to keep readers guessing until the end.


A genre of fiction featuring suspenseful puzzles or investigations to be solved by the protagonist or detective character.


A genre of fiction focused on fear, terror and suspenseful situations where something dangerous or evil is lurking just beneath the surface.

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